"RISE" - Spring Concert 2017

RISE is the culminating event showcasing the Ashleyliane Dance Company's 10th season. Company dancers are directed by Ashley L. Tate in originally choreographed pieces inspired by the cyclical nature of life.

RISE is the artistic interpretation of treating your failures and converting them into stepping stones. The pieces featured in this concert explore the idea that life has an inward and outward flow. Balance is achieved when we allow ourselves to focus on the world outside of us and the reality that exists within.

Don't miss this diverse concert including contemporary, jazz, and modern, with a splash of hip hop and live music!

Come and see the show on Saturday or Sunday evening (May 20th-21st)!
Tickets Available Soon!


  • Contemporary with Tate!

    ADC Artistic Director, Ashley L. Tate, will be teaching a pop up class on Sunday, March 26th from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. Only $10 per person!

  • National Dance Week

    ADC has been invited to perform at the National Dance Week Performance on Saturday, April 22nd in Grand Center!

  • Take Class with ADC!

    Come on down to The City Studio and take our drop-in classes. They are only $10 each. The full schedule is listed under our "Classes" tab and we start back on Jan. 9th!