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Scott Shepard, Ph.D.


Ashley is committed to not only the dance community but the community at large. She and her company are involved. They are all inspirations to young people. They bring joy and excitement to people of all ages and income levels. Ashley makes sure that people who might have trouble paying for tickets have an opportunity to see her company and feel that power. 

The growth has been consistent and joyful. Even when they are doing a piece that is about sadness or anger there is always a sense of joy present from just the performance itself.  This company is a powerhouse. They add so much to the Arts community in general of St. Louis and especially the dance community. 

St. Louis is lucky to have Ashley and the Ashleyliane Dance Company as part of its creative energy.

Christine Knoblauch-O'Neal, Ph.D.

Professor of Practice in Dance

The Ashleyliane Dance Company has graced the landscape of the St. Louis area with exciting performances of their signature fusion choreography. They have become a regular force in the social landscape helping to raise awareness and money for many underserved communities. The group of unique dancers grace the stage every performance with energy and inspiration, commitment and great heart. This company is a must see.


Paula Evans

Parent of ADC UNBOUND dancer

We met Ashley Tate and members of her company 5 years ago at a summer Ashleyliane Dance Co (ADC) summer training showcase of young dancers that were part of her program.  During this perfomance Ashley gave a speech, an excerpt of that speech was as follows, "...that dancers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. That dancers are beautiful pieces of a puzzle and that as a mentor, choreographer, and teacher, it is our job, our responsibility, to put all those pieces together, put them in the right places to make this beautiful work of art ..."   That hit home with us, we knew that our dancer would be in a safe place to explore, learn, train and perform.  That the environment would be one that would let her grow to her full potential and not look at efforts as failing but to re-evaluate, redesign, re-tool and try again!

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